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Love Dr. Seigel great office awesome dentist so very pleasant and personable I love Lynn so friendly and helpful.

– Tammy Ross

My family and I have been going there for years, they really do care about you, and do a fantastic job! Everyone in the office is very nice!! We travel from the Johnston County area to her office, and it is worth the drive.

– Kenneth Cobb

Dr. Siegel has provided excellent dental care to me for over 20 years. I think so highly of her all four of our children see her. If you are looking for a great dentist in Raleigh she is the one.

– Cindy Morgan

Goes at the pace you need and gentle careful and conservative, not dollar focused.

– Jonas S.
Raleigh, NC

Dr. Siegel has provided outstanding dental care for me for over 20 years. I trust her and her team to care for my entire family including our four children.  If you are looking for a dentist that will be thorough and listen to your concerns then she is the one.

– Cindy M.
Raleigh, NC

To all considering to become newcomers to this practice, Dr. Siegel, Yvette and Lynn have been there for me for well over 17 years. I believe the combination of the three (experience, courteous and compassion) as well as the entire staff is quite unmatched in the industry, today. They always put the patient first before profit which is extremely rare in this day and time in which we live in today. Especially, if you take into consideration the constant increase in quality health care that is an ongoing problem. You might say what do I mean about putting the patience first? When, I first arrived at their practice so many years ago, I had been neglecting the care of my teeth not by design but because of my childhood fear of the dentist practice itself. When, I was a child, I under took many visits to the dentist office in which I had filling done on my teeth with almost every visit as it seemed as a child. During, my last visit the dentist told me that I had to undergo two more additional fillings. So, I never went back again. Now, if we fast forward about 10 years when I arrived at Dr. Siegel office, my mouth was in disarray. She examined my mouth and gave me a list of options of how I would like to proceed, there was no pressure and no expectations other than I understood her expert evaluation of my situation as it pertained to my health. So, when, I was ready she broke up my needed care into small visits. This enables me to slowly decompress with my fears as they (including her staff) monitored my reactions to my care the entire way. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, during the 17 years of my visit to her, I never had to receive a new filling for a tooth other than replacement of older ones. For Yvette, she knows me like a book, she gives me great praise when I desire it and a nice little kick with humor when I have not been taken care of my teeth; but, she is always positive to empowerment me to do better. She and Dr. Siegel always give provide feedback to one another on how to best to proceed with any changing oral health situation and always keeping me in the foreground as I listening to their discussions. Lynn runs the administrative office to a tee. She makes sure if I miss an appointment which is rare, that she tries her best to work me in whenever times permits. If I change my insurance to a carrier that they have not have worked with before. She helps me fill out the form, if I need her assistance, then, she files it and like magic, I do not here anything else unless there is a problem. Note: that a lot of dentists only works with selected carriers and if you do not have one of them, then, you will not be able to use that insurance. Those dentists will force you to pay with cash or charge it or ask you to seek a dentist that carriers that type of insurance. Finally, I guess the three of them are like the human body working in harmony. Dr. Siegel is the brain, Yvette is the skeleton system and Lynn is the circulator system keeping everything flowing in harmony as well as the entire staff.

Thanks for your time,
Dennis F.

Dr. Siegel has been my dentist for, um, I don’t know how many years but long enough that I can’t remember. She is now my daughters’ dentist because I got tired of finding a great pediatric dentist. Well, I had a great pediatric dentist in Cary but the front desk receptionist was AWFUL and after awhile, the user experience is just not worth it to get to him.

But with Dr. Siegel? The user experience is spot on all the way from the front desk, the hygienist, to Dr. Siegel herself. It’s a small practice, which makes it even more intimate and cozy.

I have to add that she has become a friend now: I ended up moving in her neighborhood. But it was purely accidental. She was my cherished dentist FIRST and it became a surprise to find out, after moving into my ‘new’ home that she was my neighbor. But I found she is a wonderful person, who has been willing to save me from any mice (I’m deathly afraid of mice and mentioned my cat finding one and how I panicked and she offered to come over anytime to take it out of my house). And what dentist do YOU have that would do that???

She has a great bedside manner and is passionate about her job. She volunteers to do this work in other countries and just impresses me with her work ethic.

– Cindy H.
Raleigh, NC