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Seven Tips to a Healthier Smile

A beautiful, bright, white smile does wonders for first impressions, self-confidence, and creating positive perceptions of you by your colleagues. In order to attain and maintain such a smile, be sure to follow these 7 tips for keeping your teeth healthy and white as described by Dr. Sean Grady, Johns Creek, Georgia family and cosmetic dentist.

  1. Brush regularly – You had to know this was priority number one. Bring your radio or phone into the bathroom and brush for the duration of one song, two times a day. Select a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging your enamel and go to work. Be sure to brush each tooth by holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and using short, circular motions to cover the entire surface area several times.
  1. Floss regularly – Yes, flossing is important and should be done at least once a day! Unfortunately, brushing your teeth can’t solve all of your oral health problems. Food particles get stuck on the surface of your teeth and get lodged between the gaps of your teeth. Without flossing regularly, these food particles will lead to tooth decay and other oral health problems.
  1. Visit us every six months – Even with proper brushing and flossing techniques, it’s possible for plaque to build up in hard to reach areas and tooth decay to take place. Not only will our friendly team of Dental Hygienists clean your teeth, they’ll check for issues that can be prevented like TMJ/TMD, gingivitis, cavities, and other health problems. To make an appointment with a family and cosmetic dentist in Johns Creek, give Grady Dental Care a call at 678-957-0770.
  2. Don’t forget to rinse – Mouth rinse does an excellent job of removing bad bacteria from your mouth. Using mouth rinse regularly can actually stop cavities from forming.

The next three tips are great for your oral health but can also help you shed some pounds for this coming summer.

  1. Cut back on the sugar –If causing cavities was a sport, sugar would be the perennial MVP. Sugar is a primary ingredient in several food products such as cereals, candies, sodas, juices, cookies, cakes, and other delicious treats. Unfortunately, this means while you’re packing on the carbs, you’re also greatly increasing your chance for tooth decay. Do your teeth, gum line, and waistline a favor, practice moderation with these sugary foods.
  1. Be wary of staining foods – Certain foods leave a residue on your teeth that are hard to remove. These also tend to be the ones many of us consume almost on a daily basis. These include coffee, tea, wine (yes, white wine stains too), tobacco, and even soy sauce. Consuming these foods consistently will cause your teeth to have a darker shade that even brushing can’t entirely remove. After drinking or eating these foods, drink some water for a quick rinse if you aren’t able to brush your teeth.
  1. Maintain a healthier diet – While we’re talking about food, let’s put a blanket statement out there: watch what you eat and make healthier choices. Foods that are good for you, such as fruits and vegetables, are high in vitamins and nutrients. Believe it or not, these highly-nutritious foods actually scrub your teeth for you when you eat them! Whenever you can, trade in the cookies and pies for carrots and celery.

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