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What is a Root Canal?

When you have a tooth infection with a cavity, one of the ways dentists deal with it is through a procedure called a ‘root canal.’ It literally means that a canal is drilled though the nerve within the cavity, which is at the center of the tooth.

Why Should the Nerve be Removed?

During a root canal, the nerve ceases to function, and the surroundings are saved from further destruction. More specifically, the nerve and pulp are removed during this process. Once complete, both, pain and infection stop, and your tooth is saved.

By removing the nerve, pain is no longer an issue, although the presence of the nerve is to detect hot and cold substances. The absence of this nerve will not have much of an impact on the way it is used on a daily basis.

Why Should the Pulp be Removed?

Removing the pulp is also important along with the nerve when it is infected. This is because the pulp breaks down and bacteria starts to multiply. So, getting rid of the pulp along with the nerve removes the problem in its entirety.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

If you choose to go with root canal treatment, you will retain:

  • Your natural efficient chewing mechanism
  • Normal force and sensation with biting
  • Your pleasing natural appearance
  • Be able to protect other teeth from undue strain

With root canal treatment, you also emerge without much pain, and the process is over pretty quickly. And, you will be smiling again in a very short span of time.

If you feel that you need a root canal or would like to schedule a consultation at Grady Dental Care, please call us at one of our office locations convenient for you or fill out our online request form. 

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